Browser Setup

If you have recently upgraded Internet Explorer and are experiencing problems (i.e.pop-up windows do not appear, selected reports will not open, Banner shutting down, etc.), please start an Internet Explorer session and check the following browser settings. This should resolve the problems you are having, if not, please contact the C&C help desk at 4595 for further assistance.


  1. For Internet Explorer 7 only - remove Windows Live Toolbar (Tools/Manage Add Ons/Enable or Disable Add Ons/Select Windows Live Toolbar (if exists) and Delete)
  2. Tools/Pop up blocker (either turn off the pop-up blocker OR in the pop-up blocker settings add "*" to the allowed sites list).
  3. Tools/Internet Options/Security (highlight Trusted Sites and select the Sites option, add "https:*" to the sites list).
  4. Check to make sure there aren't any other tool bars which would be blocking pop-ups (i.e. MSN or GOOGLE). If so, pop-ups must be allowed or the tool bar must be disabled. You may have to log into Banner again for this change to take effect.
  5. Tools/Internet Options/General/Tabs (under the Open links from other programs in : select "a new window"). 
  6. Tools/Internet Options/Security (highlight the Internet and select the Custom Level option and under the Downloads section make sure "Automatic prompting for file downloads" and "File downloads" are both enabled, then select OK - but do NOT select RESET).



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