Women's Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland


There are two walking groups

See below for details and photo albums


TIME:  1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.(approx.)


  • CONVENOR:  Elke Molgaard
  • PLAN:     Call Elke at 726 0719, before 1 p.m. on Monday, if you want to walk that day.
  • DESTINATIONS: are posted through WAMUN email. To get on the mailing list, contact Elke.
  • HELP IN GETTING THERE: ride sharing can be arranged, as needed, depending on the venue and the participants. 
  • LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY : hikes of moderate to adventurous difficulty with an emphasis on hikes in natural areas.   In winter, we love to hike  through snow on snowshoes.
  • TYPICAL WALKS:  the White Hills, behind the DFO building, straight down to the ocean and back; Cape Spear; walking on the trail from Cape Spear towards Maddox Cove; Virginia River Trail; Oxen Pond Botanical Garden; in Pippy Park on snowshoes.



TIME:  1:30 p.m - 2:30 p.m. (approx.) 


  • CONVENOR: Deborah Rehner    To get on the mailing list, contact her by e-mail at WAMUN 
  • DESTINATIONS: are posted to members in an email message from the convenor, usually on Friday, or later depending on the weather. 
  • HELP IN GETTING THERE: ride sharing can usually be arranged upon request.
  • LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY:  gentle walks for all but with scope for those wanting a more rigorous walk
  • COFFEE & CONVERSATION : at Tim Horton's afterwards
  • TYPICAL WALKS include: Long Pond; Mundy Pond; Quidi Vidi; MUN Botanical Garden; Bowring Park; the Grand Concourse; Octagon Pond; Cape Spear; Power's Pond (Mt. Pearl); The T-Railway (along the Waterford River); quiet city streets such as "the Capitals" (e.g. Toronto St., Halifax St.); and, reserved for very nasty weather - The Works.


summer hike

Monday Walkers at Cape Spear 



 saturday hiking group

saturday hiking group at QV gut


signal hill

hiking page  by lake sunshine on a city path

on a city path  

by the sea  

on snowshoes

coffee at tim's 

              We keep a pictorial record of our walks that you may wish to visit.

            Follow the links to these to albums, which can be viewed as slideshows.




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