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Rugged landscape. Prehistoric land formations. A beautiful backdrop, perfect for studying and research. Located along the Atlantic Ocean, in the northeast corner of North America, is Newfoundland and Labrador.
Every spring, thousand year-old icebergs drift south from Greenland, while whales migrate north. Combined, they provide sights and sounds not seen in many places around the world.

As the most easterly city in North America, St. John’s is the first to see the sun rise every morning and the first to ring-in a new year. Steep hills, colourful houses, and local entertainment help make us a world-renowned city. Plus, with a variety of parks, gardens, hiking trails and walking trails you never have far to go to explore something new.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Hanlon is a native of Newfoundland & Labrador who, despite Memorial University being in her backyard, chose the school due to its excellent academic reputation and its economical tuition.  

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Questions pose no problem for newest Rhodes Scholar

Devin Grant has always enjoyed looking for answers.

That appreciation will serve Mr. Grant well as Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2015 Rhodes Scholar.

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