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About First Year Success

First Year Success (FYS) is an enhanced first-year experience for students entering university for the first time.

It is designed to support those students who: are undecided about their future career or academic paths; are concerned about the transition to university (size, work load, supports, etc.); think they may be starting Memorial with an admissions average under 75%; want additional support and guidance in their first year.

What can I expect from First Year Success?

At its core, First Year Success involves three academic, full-credit courses. In the fall semester, you will take two FYS courses: University 1010, which orients students to university life and the supports and opportunities available; and Arts 1500, which teaches the writing skills required at the university level.

In winter, University 1020 brings together specialists from across the university to introduce you to skills that you will need in your future university and post-university career.

These courses are designed with the transition to university life in mind: with small class sizes and skills-focused instruction so that you can develop a strong understanding of university and your place in it.

In addition, you will have focused and structured appointments with academic and career advising, connections with tutors, and a team of professionals committed to your success.

Is First Year Success for me?

If you are concerned about making the transition to university, or think you might benefit from additional supports in your first year such as smaller class sizes, tutoring sessions, and dedicated academic and career advising, First Year Success (FYS) could be the right fit for you.



 FYS Participants talk about their experiences
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University 1020 - one of the courses designed for First Year Success
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