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Careers in Sociology

Careers for Sociology Graduates

Sociology graduates are employed in many fields:

  • Government Departments 
  • Municipalities 
  • Policy Organizations
  • United Nations and other Non-Governmental Organizations 
  • Research Groups 
  • International Agencies 
  • Business/Market Research Firms 
  • Universities and Colleges 
  • Non-profit agencies 
  • Newspapers 

Sociology graduates have the functional skills that employers look for:

Careers in Sociology

Communication Skills: Sociology graduates know how to develop, research, and write reasoned studies and reports. They are able to use and create graphs, tables, diagrams, and other non-verbal forms of communication of data. They are also good at listening, clarifying, and responding to interpersonal/verbal communications, and expressing themselves in clear, concise, and meaningful language.

Research Training: Sociology graduates are trained to conceptualize a project from start to finish. They can define a problem or research question, design a study to find answers, collect data, and draw conclusions and/or make recommendations based on their results. They are especially good at identifying ethical issues in research.

Technical Knowledge: Sociology graduates are familiar with different sociological theories, and can apply them to human social interaction, social problems, public policy, etc. They know how to develop evidence-based arguments, evaluate different research methods, and interpret the results of research and reports. They also have training in computing and statistics, including data analysis programs.

Problem Solving Abilities: Sociology graduates are good at thinking critically. They can grasp problems and circumstances from a variety of standpoints. They also hold skills that help them to discern relationships between individuals, and the larger institutions and social processes with which they are concerned, making them creative problem-solvers and initiators of change.

Cross-cultural understanding: Sociology graduates are sensitive to racial, ethnic, and gender differences in values, perceptions, and approaches in the workplace. They understand and can operate within the context of cultural and other diversities owing to their global perspective and high degree of intercultural awareness.

Sociology graduates have many different career options to choose from. A degree in sociology is also ideal preparation for further study in a graduate program or professional school:

Government Positions:

  • Public Policy Analyst 
  • Economic Development Officer 
  • Community Affairs Officer 
  • Urban/Regional Planner 
  • Legislative Aide 
  • Equal Opportunity Specialist 
  • Foreign Service Officer 
  • Immigration Officer 
  • Human Rights Officer 
  • Personnel Coordinator 
  • Politician 
  • Census Officer 
  • Statistician 
  • Activist 

Research Positions:

  • Survey Researcher 
  • Social Research Specialist 
  • Market Research Analyst 
  • Consumer Researcher 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Demographer/Population Analyst 
  • Systems Analyst 
  • Criminology Researcher 
  • Environmental Analyst/Planner 

Positions in Corrections and Law:

  • Corrections Officer 
  • Criminology Assistant
  • Police Officer 
  • Criminal Investigator 
  • Juvenile Court Worker 
  • Probation Officer 
  • Rehabilitation Counselor 
  • Criminal Lawyer 

Teaching/Education Jobs:

  • Teacher 
  • Professor 
  • Admissions/College Officer 
  • Academic Advisor 
  • School Counselor 

Public Health Educator Jobs in Community Affairs and Health:

  • Employment Counselor 
  • Homeless/Housing Worker 
  • Public Health/Hospital Administrator 
  • Child Development Technician 
  • Public Administration Assistant 
  • Social Assistance Advocate 
  • Addictions Counselor 
  • Rural Health Outreach Worker 
  • Fundraiser 
  • Social Worker
  • Community Worker 
  • Child and Youth Worker 
  • Marriage and Family Therapist 

Jobs in Business and Communications:

  • Advertising Executive 
  • Project Manager 
  • Sales Representative 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Real Estate Agent 
  • Journalist 
  • Public Relations Officer 
  • Actuary 
  • Insurance Agent 
  • Human Resources Specialist 
  • Labour Relations Officer 
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Quality Control Manager 
  • Computer Analyst 
  • Publishing Officer 

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