The Clipboard

By Stephen Riggins

Scott Kenney’s manuscript Canadian Victims of Crime: Critical Insights has been accepted for publication by CSP/Women’s Press. His book critically considers the meanings which emerge in the various contexts experienced by victims of crime. These include the initial impacts of crime; social dynamics encountered by victims in their families and informal social settings; gender and coping strategies; the justice system; encounters with victim service programs, support groups, and shelters; the experiences of victims in restorative justice sessions; and comparisons of the positions of victims in developing countries.

Scott draws on original qualitative research about homicide and the criminal justice system, as well as victim service organizations and restorative justice. His general thesis is that many victims – particularly victims of violent crimes – are poorly understood and that the institutions and services set up to help them often have potentially harmful impacts. This is because support services are little known and poorly funded. Many services represent a public relations exercise rather than providing substantive programs.


Brenda Kitchen has become the Executive Director of The Arthritis Society in St. John’s. The Arthritis Society is the only non-profit voluntary health association in Canada seeking the cause, prevention and cure for all types of arthritis. Brenda is raising money for the society by participating in the “Joints in Motion Training Team.” Her participation will include running in a marathon in Barbados.


Gregory Bowden successfully passed his PhD candidacy examination at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He is in the midst of dissertation research (funded in part by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship) about theories of social control and self-control used to explain Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder.


Kelly Smith is pursuing an MA degree in Cities, Culture and Regeneration in the Sociology and Social Policy Department of the University of Liverpool. This MA program provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the contemporary city, with a specialist focus on issues of urban regeneration and cultural policy.


Peter Baehr, who taught sociology at MUN throughout the 1990s, is a Professor of sociology at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. During the summer of 2008 Peter spent five weeks teaching in Kabul at the American University of Afghanistan. His experiences are recounted in an article published by Lingnan University:

Peter Baehr and Christopher Hutton are presently working on a book titled A Dictionary of Domination: Keywords of Power, Coercion, and Terror. Peter and his wife continue to spend summers in Newfoundland where they have a home in Hant’s Harbour.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications by Members of the Department:

Binkley, M., K. Bigney, B. Neis and S. Bornstein, “Lessons from Offshore: Challenges and Opportunities in Linking Data to Promote Understanding of Accidents and Injuries among Newfoundland and Labrador Fishers 1989 to 2001,” Marine Policy, 2008.

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M.A. Research Papers which have been completed since September 2008:

Erika Davis (December 2008) “Pre-emptive Contraceptive: Doctors Decide, Women Abide. Childfree Women Seeking Sterilization.”

Sean Hayes (December 2008) “Migrants and Society: Social Embeddedness and Social and Cultural Capital in the Migration Process.”

Kate Hickey (December 2008) “Not Everything Fits a Skinny Model: Contrary Findings in Prevalence, Patient Satisfaction, and Help-seeking Literature on Eating Disorders that do not fit the Biomedical Model.”

Laurinda Tracey (October 2008) “Violence in the University: The Construction of an Occupational Health and Safety Issue.”

Ashley Tuttle (December 2008) “She Loses, He Loses: The Social Construction of Gendered Weight Loss Knowledge by a Commercial Weight Loss Organization.”