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Meng Yu


B.A. Renmin University of China
M.A. (Folklore) Western Kentucky University


Dr. Stephen Riggins

Supervisory Committee

Dr. Mark Stoddart
Dr. Linda Cullum

Research Description

I started calling myself a Newfoundlander (without being screeched-in!) a year and two months after I moved to St. John's from Beijing for my PhD. As my interactions with people on my campus and the local community have intensified, answers to my inquiry of immigrants and foreigners' experience on the island unfold like a detective's story.

My dissertation research is an exploration of reasons behind Newfoundland's low immigrant retention rate. I study immigrant cultural embeddedness and the role played by Memorial University in this process, asking how cultural embeddedness, education, and income level are related to mental health.

My other research interests include class formation and gender roles as presented on TV dramas and other popular media in China.

Selected Publications

Yu, Meng (forthcoming). "Tu'er ye – from Rabbit God and Children's Toy to Folk Art (one third of the paper is different from the Chinese publication), Culture & Tradition. 32/33.

Yu, Meng (2008). "Tu er ye: Cong Tushen he Ertong Wanju dao Minjian Yishupin (Tu'er ye: from Rabbit God and Children's Toy to Folk Art)", Minsu yanjiu (Folklore Studies). 88 (4): 179-194.

Yu, Meng (2005). "The New York Chinatown Senior Center", Voices: the Journal of New York Folklore. 31: 1-2.