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Malin Enstrom



B.A. (Sociology), Memorial University of Newfoundland

M.A. (Sociology), Memorial University of Newfoundland

Supervisor: Dr. Scott Kenney

Thesis title: Analysis and comparison of honour related violence and homicide in Sweden, England and Canada.


My research project focuses on focus on immigrant cultures that are based on traditional patriarchy, from which honour killings have largely emanated. Patriarchal values and ideals of honour dominate the social structure of many cultures in which the individual’s primary obligation is to uphold the family honour. Yet, in some of these, the patriarchal focus of responsibility is more inwardly directed, and a man’s reputation becomes more dependent on the behavior and performance of his family members, especially the chastity of women as carriers of the men’s, the family’s, and relatives’ honour. In my research, I explore how tradition, law, culture, and religion are tied together in an historical perspective, specifically the relationship between patriarchal conceptions of status and family value that occur in highly traditional ideological systems.

Research interests:




Intelligence Led Policing

Human Trafficking

Human Rights

Gender and Society