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Jessica Earle



B.A. (Sociology), University of New Brunswick, 2011


Dr. Nicole Power
Dr. Linda Cullum

Thesis (working title)

On the Move: Employment-Related Geographical Mobility in the Canadian Context, Impacts on Children Explored


For my Masters work I have been given the opportunity to participate in a (pending funding) larger scale research project with Dr. Nicole Power and colleagues, looking at employment-related geographical mobility (E-RGM) in the Canadian context. I am particularly interested in looking into the impact of E-RGM on the development of mobile worker children. For mobile workers with young children, the risk of disrupted parent-child and other attachments is particularly great when mobility entails high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity, as with dangerous jobs, and is associated with problematic drug and alcohol use, gambling and other risk practices.

Research Interests

Social Inequality