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Bernie Hogan


Graduate in 2002, B.A(Hons), University Medal in Sociology, minor, CS.

MA in Sociology, Toronto 2003

Bernie Hogan

PhD in Sociology, Toronto, 2008

Currently a Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford Presently I'm working on social network analyses of Facebook personal networks, the geography of collaboration on Wikipedia and media use profiles and relationship satisfaction.

I will always look back fondly on my time at MUN. Both my Honours Degree in Sociology and my minor in Computer Science were instrumental in helping me carve out a niche as a social scientist with a focus on identity theory and novel methodologies like mapping Facebook networks. At MUN, the faculty were always engaged and accessible. I learned how to draw rich sociological insights from everyday phenomena with Stephen Riggins, how to locate my ideological underpinnings with Stephen Crocker, and I cut my teeth on the sociology of technology with Ron Schwartz. But beyond the faculty, I really enjoyed my cohort. I fondly recall starting undergraduate sociology student society, holding mixers, attending lectures across the university, hanging out with student societies and soaking up student life in general. I can definitely say my time at MUN prepared me intellectually and socially for my stint in Toronto, and was an vital step towards my current faculty position at Oxford.