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Karen Stanbridge

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Western Ontario)



Sociological Specialties/Areas of Interest

  • Social theory
  • Political sociology
  • State theory
  • Social movements
  • Nationalism

Dr. Stanbridge has completed works that explore the impact of national and international political institutions on British and French colonial policies, on British treatment of Catholics in Ireland and Quebec in the eighteenth century, on the post-WWI Åland Islands secessionist movement, and on loyalist and republican Irish movements during the WWI period. Her work has appeared in a variety of academic publications, including: Sociological Quarterly, Nations and Nationalism, Journal of Historical Sociology, Canadian Journal of Sociology. More recently, she has been concerned with mapping the interactions between groups pursuing nationalist claims and the domestic and international political and cultural context within which they are compelled to operate. Her current research is concerned with the ways that political actors draw upon cultural constructions of children and childhood to foster support for their causes. When not in her office, Dr. Stanbridge can be found in her greenhouse or garden among her vegetables, or buried under a pile of yarn, knitting.

Selected Publications

  • Stanbridge, Karen. Forthcoming. "Thrift and the good child citizen: The Junior Thrift Clubs in Confederation-Era Newoundland." In Creating This Place: Women, Family, and Class in St. John's, Newfoundland 1900-1950. L. Cullum and M. Porter (eds.). McGill-Queen's University Press.
  • Stanbridge, Karen, and Howard Ramos. 2012. Seeing Politics Differently: An Introduction to Political Sociology. Oxford University Press.
  • Ramos, Howard and Karen Stanbridge. 2012. "Politics and political movements." In Sociology: A Canadian Perspective, Third Edition. L. Tepperman and P. Albanese (eds.). Oxford University Press
  • Stanbridge, Karen. 2011. "Do nationalists have navels? Where is childhood in mainstream nationalism theory?" In Against Orthodoxy: New Directions in the Study of Nationalism. S. Drakulic and T. Harrison (eds.). University of British Columbia Press.