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Nicole Power

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Essex)


Sociological Specialties/Areas of Interest

  • Work
  • Fisheries
  • Rurality
  • Gender
  • Youth
  • Health

Dr. Nicole Power researches mainly in the areas of gender, work, occupational health and safety, fisheries, and youth. Much of her research has been affiliated with large, multidisciplinary, mixed methods SSHRC or CIHR funded projects and has engaged the wider community through research partnerships. Recent projects include an examination of how masculinity mediates workplace safety practices and perceptions of risk, safety and health among fish harvesters in Newfoundland; and an investigation of the health and safety experiences of employed youth in rural Newfoundland and how these experiences are gendered. She is part of the CIHR Team in Gender, Environment and Health and is collaborating on the development of a mixed methods research model to examine sex/gender in studies of environmental and occupational health. Her research appears in journals including Health, Risk & Society, Policy and Practice in Health and Safety, and the Annals of Leisure Research. In her book titled What Do They Call a Fisherman?: Men, Gender, and Restructuring in the Newfoundland Fishery (2005) she investigates the gendered and classed impacts of industrial restructuring and ecological collapse on Newfoundland men who fish inshore for a living. Power is the convener of the Women, Gender and Health Research Affinity Group at the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research. She is also a board member of the Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health and the Canadian Society for the Sociology of Health.

Selected Publications

  • Norman, Moss E.; Nicole Power, and Kathryne Dupré. 2011. "Playing in the Woods: Youth, Leisure and the Performance of Gender Relations in Rural Newfoundland." Special Issue of the Annals of Leisure Research, 14 (2-3), pp.155-175.
  • Power, Nicole and Sumaiya Baqee. 2010. "Constructing a 'culture of safety': an examination of the assumptions embedded in occupational safety and health curricula delivered to high school students and fish harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada." Policy and Practice in Health and Safety 8 (1): pp. 5-23.
  • Power, Nicole, Dana Howse, Barbara Neis and Sandra Brennan. 2010. "Bodies at work: insights from marine and coastal OSH research." Policy and Practice in Health and Safety 8 (1): pp. 25-41.
  • Power, Nicole. 2008. "Occupational risks, safety and masculinity: Newfoundland fish harvesters' experiences and understandings of fishery risks." Health, Risk & Society 10(6), pp. 565 -83.
  • Power, Nicole. 2005. What Do They Call a Fisherman?: Men, Gender, and Restructuring in the Newfoundland Fishery, St. John's: ISER.