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Larry Felt

Professor (Ph.D. Northwestern University)


Personal website

Sociological Specialties/Areas of Interest

  • Maritime Sociology
  • Fisheries
  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Newfoundland

Dr. Felt's early research focused on the health and social well-being of low-income populations in large cities. At the present his research and teaching interests are concentrated on rural health and its link to community economic and social development in a North Atlantic context, particularly Newfoundland/Labrador and Iceland. For the last fifteen years he has examined the structure and form of local ecological knowledge acquired by individuals and communities dependent on natural resource exploitation for a livelihood. Dr. Felt collaborates in a number of large interdisciplinary research projects which are about issues of socio-economic development, including a program funded by the Nunatsiavut government "From the Minds of Elders to the Policies of Government: Incorporating Inuit Environmental Knowledge into Nunatsiavut Resource Management Policy." Dr. Felt is an avid and dedicated fly fisherman.

Selected Publications

  • Finding Our Sea Legs: Linking Fishery People and their Knowledge with Science and Management. St. John's: ISER. (Co-editor).
  • The Challenge of Community Watershed Management for Recreational Fisheries. St. Andrews: Atlantic Salmon Federation. (Co-editor).
  • Living on the Edge: The Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. St. John's: ISER. (Co-editor).
  • The North Atlantic Fishery: Successes, Failures and Challenges. Charlottetown, PEI: Institute for Island Studies. (Co-editor).