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Tanya Goyal

Education: B.S. (Human Services Counseling), Old Dominion University, 2006

Supervisor: Dr. Scott Kenney

Thesis (Working Title):

Immigration in the Context of Globalization: Impact on Assimilation of Individuals in a New Society


Advancement in the fields of communication and technology is making goods and services increasingly easier for a larger number of people to access nowadays. This has begun to blur global society’s several previously more pronounced cultural boundaries, thereby creating the possibility of a culturally homogenous world. On the contrary, it has the potential to create discord among certain segments of the global society due to increasingly fluid cultural norms leading to a sense of loss of cultural identity. Under Dr. Kenney’s supervision, I would like to explore how various social factors shape expatriates’ and immigrants’ behavior towards people of the foreign or new land and vice versa.

Research Interests: