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FAQs - Student Registration

Welcome! We would like to respond to all student requests for assistance about course registrations in a timely fashion.

We strongly encourage you to direct calls for assistance to the care of Audrey O'Neill at the following email address:

Here are some frequently asked questions presented to us, in addition to some important tips to help us resolve your registration problems.



The on-line registration system says that I have not met the course pre-requisite(s). Why won’t it let me register?


There is a good bet that you have not yet completed the two required courses at the 2000 level if you are trying to register for one or more 3000 courses. You may, in fact, have completed the two course pre-requisites although the system is recognizing just one – the sociology course (soci), but not the sociology/anthropology offering (S/A). Some of our courses are cross-listed with anthropology and designated as S/A.



How do I request a course waiver, if necessary?


You can make such requests by email. The Head of Sociology must agree to any and all waivers. When the waiver request has been approved by the Head, you will receive a note of confirmation from our main office. After this, you would then need to go on-line and register for the course(s) in question.



When sending other questions and requests to, make sure you include the following essential information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your student number
  • If you have already declared as a major or minor in sociology
  • Course Name & Number you are inquiring about
  • Your email address