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Ewa Cichewicz

Education: B.A. (Political Science), Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2013

Supervisor: Dr. Liam Swiss

Thesis (working title)

Let’s Talk about Sex: Understanding the Importance of Male Inclusion in Reproductive Health Programs in Tanzania


Taking a gender and development approach my research will focus on reproductive health programs and how to better include men into these programs. In international development there has been a strong movement to focus on men as a way to ensure gender equality. In my research I will argue that educating men in reproductive health can have a positive impact on women and women’s empowerment. The basis for my research and discussions will be on various case studies and will be mainly limited to Tanzania. I have recently completed an internship in Tanzania which has helped me to better understand some of the cultural challenges that reproductive health programs face and enriched my perspective and approach and hence will use Tanzania as the country of focus.

Research interests:

Sexual and reproductive health

International development (focus on Sub-Saharan Africa)

Gender and identity

Culture, society and masculinities