Office of the Registrar
School of Pharmacy (2010/2011)
7 Supplementary Examination Regulations

A student has the right to request to write a supplementary examination in courses offered by the School of Pharmacy that have written final examinations. In the case of Pharmacy courses, where the final examination is not cumulative, a student may be permitted to write one supplementary examination, at the discretion of the course co-ordinator, if they fail any one of the term examinations.

In addition to meeting UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS - General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate), upon successful completion of the supplementary examination, a student must also meet the promotion regulations of the School. For further information refer to Promotion Regulations.

  1. Students who wish to write a supplementary examination must submit the prescribed form, which is available from the School of Pharmacy, to the Office of the Director within one week of release of grades. Normally the supplementary examination will be written no later than the first week of the semester immediately following the one in which the course was failed. The examination will be similar in length and degree of difficulty as the original examination.

  2. A student who has satisfied the academic criteria for continuance at the University may write a supplementary examination in one Pharmacy course if the final grade obtained is 45-49% (F). In the case of a Pharmacy course that has a final pass mark greater than 50%, a student who obtains a final grade that is within five marks below the established pass mark may be permitted to write a supplementary examination.

  3. The student must pass the supplementary examination in order to pass the course. The new grade obtained from successfully passing the supplementary examination will be calculated using the same weighting scheme used in the course, but with the result of the supplementary examination replacing that of the original failed examination. Any additional course requirements, including a requirement to pass the laboratory/practical session, will continue to apply.

  4. The new course grade will replace the original grade on the student’s transcript and will indicate that the course result was earned as the result of supplementary examination.

  5. A student may write a supplementary examination in a particular course only once; if the course result following the supplementary examination is a fail then the course must be repeated and successfully completed.

  6. A student will be permitted to write a maximum number of one supplementary examination during each year of the Pharmacy program.