Office of the Registrar
School of Music (2010/2011)
2 School Description

The School of Music at Memorial University of Newfoundland is the largest and most comprehensive university school of music in Atlantic Canada. Four-year undergraduate programs are offered in most of the principal areas of professional study in music: performance, music history and literature (including ethnomusicology), music theory and composition. In collaboration with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Faculty of Education, the School offers a conjoint Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Music Education (B.Mus./B.Mus.Ed.) degree in music education which can be completed in five years. For students not ready to specialize, a Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) in general musical studies with or without minor provides a flexible degree option. The School of Music's twenty-three full-time faculty comprise a diverse group of performers and scholars from across North America and Europe who are as dedicated to the highest standard of teaching, as they are to their own professional careers. Access to professional applied studies instruction is a right of every student in the program in every year. With close to 200 degree-stream students, the School maintains a comprehensive ensembles program which provides performance experience in choirs, bands, orchestras, an opera workshop, jazz, world music, contemporary and chamber music ensembles. Memorial University of Newfoundland's ensembles have won numerous national awards and the School tours these groups provincially, nationally and internationally on a regular basis. While the focus of the School’s programs is on the classical music tradition, Newfoundland and Labrador’s rich musical legacy is also honoured in its curriculum with a range of courses taught by tradition-bearers from the professional music community. The School’s undergraduate community is enriched by the presence of students pursuing Master of Music (M.Mus.) degrees in performance, performance/pedagogy and conducting, as well as Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students in the area of ethnomusicology.

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