Office of the Registrar
General Information (2010/2011)
11.7 Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network (CREAIT)

  • Director
  • Miller, D., B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. Memorial; Winner of the President’s Award for Exemplary Service, 2005
  • Manager, Partnerships & Projects MRP/CREAIT
  • Kielley, M.
  • Manager of Finance and Administration
  • Samson, J., B. Voc. Ed. Memorial

The pan-university Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network (CREAIT) is designed to maximize the impact of Memorial University of Newfoundland's institutional investments in research through enhanced access to and utilization of major research equipment. CREAIT consists of eight interconnected satellites across the St. John's campus and is responsible for maintaining and operating thematic clusters of multi-user equipment.

Duties of the CREAIT Network include training faculty and students in the use of core research equipment, such as high-field NMR; assisting faculty with major equipment acquisitions; maintaining and operating major research equipment and facilities; promoting the development of new research partnerships, including access to core research equipment and facilities by private sector users on a cost-recovery basis.

Individuals seeking more information about the core research equipment available at Memorial University of Newfoundland or the CREAIT Network should contact the Director by e-mail at, by telephone at (709) 864-2409, by fax at (709) 864-6193, or in-person at the Inno Innovation Centre, room IIC1001B.