Office of the Registrar
General Information (2010/2011)
6.11 Information Access and Privacy Protection Office (IAPP)

  • Co-ordinator
  • Smith, R.
  • ATIPP Analyst
  • Corcoran, M.
  • ATIPP Analyst
  • El-Gohary, S.

The Information Access and Privacy Protection Office (IAPP) was created in November 2005 to assist the University in complying with the provincial Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) and other applicable privacy legislation, as well as developing best practices in information access and privacy protection matters.

The IAPP Office benefits from the guidance of the IAPP Advisory Committee and works with the university wide Privacy Working Group. The IAPP Advisory Committee provides strategic direction and general guidance to the IAPP Office. The Privacy Working Group implements policy and procedures throughout the University. It includes senior administrative staff from the 46 principal units of the University. Using guidelines, policy, procedures and standards established by the IAPP Advisory Committee, members lead a team in their own units to implement best practices in privacy protection and bring personal information handling practices into compliance with the ATIPP Act and other pertinent privacy protection legislation.