Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Education (2010/2011)
2.18 Regulations for the Bachelor of Music Education as a Second Degree
  1. The degree of Bachelor of Music Education may be awarded upon the successful completion of at least 30 additional credit hours in accordance with clause 2. below.

  2. A candidate shall complete the following 45 credit hours in Education:

    1. One of Education 3618, 3619, 4260

    2. Education 4362 or 4383

    3. Education 2510, 2520, 2530, 3920 (including a 2 hour twice weekly laboratory component), 3925, 4240, and 4830

    4. Education 403X (15 credit hour Internship)

    5. Three other credit hours in Education other than Music Education. It is recommended that these 3 credit hours be used toward the acquisition of instructional content in a second teachable area.


To ensure appropriate academic advising of candidates, a personal interview and demonstration of proficiency in basic keyboard and aural skills will be conducted during the Fall Semester following admission. Sample materials will be made available from faculty members prior to the skills demonstration.