Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2010/2011)
8.9 Drama and Music


The Major program in Drama and Music is currently under review and will not be available for admission for the 2010-2011 year. For further information please contact the Department of English Language and Literature.

    1. This is an Interdisciplinary Major Program in Drama and Music offered to candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree, under paragraph 3. b. of the Regulations for the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

    2. Since the program is interdisciplinary, it is administered by an interdepartmental committee (The Drama and Music Co-ordinating Committee). The Program Supervisor will advise students upon the selection of courses in the Major.

  1. To qualify as a Major in Drama and Music, students must complete a minimum of 54 credit hours as follows:

    1. Department of English - Drama Courses

      Students must complete at least 27 credit hours in English, as follows:

      1. Six credit hours in English at the 1000 level, preferably including 1102

      2. 2002, 3350, 3351, 4400, 4401

      3. Three additional credit hours in English at the 2000 level

      4. Three credit hours in courses chosen from 3021, 3022, 3156, 3171, 3181, 3200, 3201, 3260, 3302, 4302.

    2. School of Music - Music Courses

      1. Students must complete at least 27 credit hours in Music, as follows:

      2. Further courses in music theory and/or music history may be chosen as Arts electives.

      3. Course prerequisites stipulated in the course descriptions must be met. In particular, note the prerequisites for Music 1107 and 1127.

      4. Most music courses are not offered every semester, and some are offered only in alternate years.