Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2010/2011)
5.2 Components

Courses satisfying the Honours, Major, Minor and elective components of an undergraduate degree may also be used to satisfy the requirements of a diploma program.

Diploma programs consist of between 24 and 36 credit hours in courses as specified in individual programs, including a field component of 6 credit hours in an approved instructional field placement and/or instructional field courses.

The purpose of the field component of the program is to provide students with an opportunity for practical and instructional field-oriented experiences as a means of broadening and reinforcing the other courses taken in the diploma program. The instructional field component may take a number of forms, depending on the nature of individual programs. Without limiting the generality of the definition, the instructional field component typically includes observation of and instruction in practical techniques and methods and their application, as well as the maintenance and submission of documentation and reports appropriate to the area of study.

Instructional field placements and instructional field courses may not normally be repeated.