Office of the Registrar
General Information (2013/2014)
6.16 Public Engagement, Office of

  • Executive Director
  • Greenwood, R., B.A. (Hons.) Memorial, M.A. York, Ph.D. Warwick
  • Public Engagement Coordinator
  • Reid-Shute, K., B.A. Dalhousie, L.L.B. New Brunswick

The Office of Public Engagement reports to the President, and is tasked with supporting the implementation of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Public Engagement Framework and with providing supports for public engagement activities, locally and internationally. ‘Public Engagement’ at Memorial University of Newfoundland encompasses collaborations between people and groups within the University and people and groups external to the University – i.e., the ”public” – that further Memorial University of Newfoundland’s mission. Drawing on the knowledge and resources brought by all involved, public engagement involves mutual respect, mutual contributions and mutual benefits for all participants.