Office of the Registrar
General Information (2013/2014)
6.23 Technical Services, Department of

  • Director
  • Meaney, R., B.Eng., M.Eng., Memorial, P.Eng.
  • Executive Assistant
  • Fagan, S., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Mechanical Division Manager
  • Cramm, D., B.Eng. TUNS, P.Eng.
  • Machine Shop Supervisor - Sciences, Mechanical Division
  • Sooley, S.
  • Machine Shop Supervisor - Engineering, Mechanical Division
  • Snook, D.
  • Welding/Sheetmetal Shop Supervisor - Engineering, Mechanical Division
  • Bidgood, W.
  • Welding/Sheetmetal Shop Supervisor - Sciences, Mechanical Division
  • Burke, W.
  • Glassblowing Supervisor, Mechanical Division
  • Power, B.
  • Model Fabrication Supervisor, Mechanical Division
  • Murphy, R.
  • Electronics Division Manager
  • Pope, B.
  • Electronics Shop Supervisor - Engineering, Electronics Division
  • Maloney, W.
  • Electronics Shop Supervisor - Sciences, Electronics Division
  • Snook, C.
  • Instrument Shop Supervisor, Electronics Division
  • Oldford, M.
  • Computers and Data Communications Supervisor, Electronics Division
  • O'Leary, B.
  • Machine Shop Supervisor, Biomedical Division
  • Connors, C.
  • Supply Supervisor
  • Brazil, B.

The Department of Technical Services is wholly responsible for developing and maintaining specialized equipment to support research activities. This Department maintains and repairs laboratory equipment, specialized machinery and scientific instruments. With highly trained staff and modern facilities, Technical Services offers expertise in electronics, circuit board development, networking, computer repairs, fumehood certification, biological safety cabinet certification, scientific glassblowing, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, scale model making, mechanical fabrication, and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). The employees of Technical Services work closely with researchers to develop and build custom apparatus and prototypes.