Office of the Registrar
General Information (2013/2014)
11.10 GENESIS Group Inc.

  • President and CEO
  • King, D.J., B. Comm. Memorial, M.B.A. McMaster, CA

GENESIS Group Inc. is a separately incorporated entity of Memorial University of Newfoundland and is governed by a board of directors representing industry, academia, and government. It serves the whole university community and facilitates the linkage to the business community. The Genesis Group is located on the third floor of the Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation. The Genesis Research division, as its primary goal, identifies and commercializes promising technologies arising from research at the University. Areas of expertise include Biotechnology and Medicine, Physical Sciences and Engineering and Information Technology and Communications. Key industrial sectors include ocean technology, mining and oil and gas. In addition to its central role of transferring technology to the private sector, the research group assists the province's small and medium-size businesses to access the vast physical and human resources of the University. Genesis Research focuses on new technologies, processes, and services and seeks to enhance, improve, and/or diversify the capacity of existing industry. The Genesis Centre division is a support network to help knowledge-based businesses/entrepreneurs create high-growth enterprises. The Centre mobilizes the province's business community and a network of world class mentors to help the entrepreneurs develop comprehensive business plans, raise equity capital and secure global market access.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the GENESIS Group Inc. by telephone at (709) 864-4527 or through the website at