Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Medicine (2012/2013)
5 Description of Medical Training Program

The Faculty of Medicine offers a four-year undergraduate medical program, comprising a minimum of 186 credit hours, leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.).

The program begins with a two-year Pre-Clerkship. Courses covering topics in community health and clinical skills run throughout most of the Pre-Clerkship whereas basic science sessions occur early in the first year. Later in the first year of medical studies and continuing throughout most of the second year, students pursue an integrated study of disease. By the end of the Pre-Clerkship, students are expected to be able to take a patient’s medical history, perform a thorough physical examination and to derive a logical diagnosis. The Clerkship Preparation Course is completed prior to commencing the Clerkship. The Clerkship comprises the remainder of the medical studies program. During this time students, who are clinical clerks, take courses that will allow them to alternate through major disciplines in hospital and community settings throughout affiliated teaching sites in Newfoundland and Labrador and community and hospital settings throughout Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Clinical clerks participate as members of the health care team gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to assume the responsibilities associated with patient care.

Medical students are required to participate fully in medical education experiences which occur at various times and communities outside of the St. John’s metropolitan area throughout the undergraduate medical education program.

Upon successful completion of medical studies, the students are qualified to write Part I of the licensing examinations set by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). After the award of the M.D. degree and following successful completion of one year of postgraduate training, they are qualified to write Part II of the MCC licensing examinations.