Office of the Registrar
Division of Lifelong Learning (2012/2013)
4 Certificate Course Descriptions

In accordance with Senate's Policy Regarding Inactive Courses, the course descriptions for courses which have not been offered in the previous three academic years and which are not scheduled to be offered in the current academic year have been removed from the following listing. For information about any of these inactive courses, please contact the Head of the Department.

Certificate courses are specially designed courses relating to specific areas of study for which no equivalent degree credit course exists and are not applicable towards an existing diploma or degree program.

4.1 Career Development

Courses in the Certificate in Career Development are designated by CADV.


Career Development I

CH: 0


Assessment in Career Development I

CH: 0


Interpersonal Communications

CH: 0


The Nature of the Helping Relationship

CH: 0


Group Facilitation

CH: 0


The Nature of Work, the Workforce and the Workplace

CH: 0


Career Development II

CH: 0


Career Development for Special Populations

CH: 0


Assessment in Career Development II

CH: 0


Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

CH: 0


The Emerging Economy

CH: 0


Practicum in Career Development

CH: 0

AR = Attendance requirement; CH = Credit hours are 3 unless otherwise noted; CO = Co-requisite(s); CR = Credit can be retained for only one course from the set(s) consisting of the course being described and the course(s) listed; LC = Lecture hours per week are 3 unless otherwise noted; LH = Laboratory hours per week; OR = Other requirements of the course such as tutorials, practical sessions, or seminars; PR = Prerequisite(s); UL = Usage limitation(s).