Office of the Registrar
General Information (2012/2013)
6.4 Engagement, Office of

  • Executive Director
  • Greenwood, R., B.A. (Hons.) Memorial, M.A. York, Ph.D. Warwick
  • Engagement Framework Development Coordinator
  • Reid-Shute, K., B.A. Dalhousie, L.L.B. New Brunswick

The Office of Engagement reports to the President, and is tasked with supporting Memorial University of Newfoundland’s engagement activities both inside the Province, and globally. ‘Engagement’ can be broadly understood as mutually beneficial partnerships between people in the University and people outside the University that bring together the expertise and capacity of all contributing parties to address opportunities and needs. The Office is overseeing the development and implementation of The Engagement Framework, a document that will guide the University’s engagement activities. The Engagement Framework, will be based on input gathered from university and community stakeholders alike, and will complement the existing Research and The Teaching & Learning Frameworks. There are many diverse approaches to engagement, which will be discussed throughout the development of the Engagement Framework to ensure that Memorial University of Newfoundland adopts an approach to engagement that will best serve the University and its partners.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Office of Engagement by telephone at (709) 864-8405, or by email at, or through the website at