Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2012/2013)
10.4 Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies courses are designated by CNST.


Interdisciplinary Seminar in Canadian Studies

will expose students to the interdisciplinary approach to the study of Canada through a series of lectures and discussions conducted by members of departments represented on the Canadian Studies Major Program Co-ordinating Committee and through the preparation of formal written work which explores a specific theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

CR: History 4247

PR: permission of the Supervisor of the Canadian Studies Major Program

AR = Attendance requirement; CH = Credit hours are 3 unless otherwise noted; CO = Co-requisite(s); CR = Credit can be retained for only one course from the set(s) consisting of the course being described and the course(s) listed; LC = Lecture hours per week are 3 unless otherwise noted; LH = Laboratory hours per week; OR = Other requirements of the course such as tutorials, practical sessions, or seminars; PR = Prerequisite(s); UL = Usage limitation(s).