Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2012/2013)
9.20 Law and Society

Program Co-ordinator: Dr. K. Side

The programs listed below are interdisciplinary programs intended to encourage students to examine different facets of law and its role in society. They are neither pre-law programs nor ones offering a certificate or qualification in legal studies. They will acquaint and confront students with different aspects of the history, philosophical basis, and role of law in modern society. They include both courses which deal explicitly with law (e.g. Canadian Constitutional Law, International Law, History of Law, Criminal Justice), and courses in social and political theory and the role of law and its norms in diverse settings. Law and Society 1000 and Law and Society 4000 are intended to integrate the material and provide a common focus at both the beginning and the end of the programs.

As is the case in any interdisciplinary program, it will be up to the students to ensure that they have the necessary prerequisites to complete the program. For purposes of entry into the courses offered by participating departments, heads will be asked to treat these students on the same basis as their own majors.

Law and Society course descriptions are found at the end of the Faculty of Arts section under Course Descriptions, Law and Society.


The interdisciplinary Major and Minor programs are offered to students for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. These programs are offered in conjunction with a major or a minor in a single discipline. In order to be awarded a Bachelor of Arts with a Major or Minor in Law and Society, students must complete all the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts.

Students majoring or minoring in Law and Society may use the courses they complete to meet the requirements of either their Law and Society major or minor or their single-discipline major or minor but not both.

9.20.1 Major Program Regulations

Students who major in Law and Society must complete:

  1. all the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts program;

  2. a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses which shall include, in addition to Law and Society 1000 and Law and Society 4000, an additional 30 credit hours in at least 3 different disciplines and chosen from the Table below including:

    1. 9 credits at the 1000 or 2000 level

    2. 15 credits at the 3000 level

    3. 6 credits at the 4000 level

    Before registering for any Law and Society 4000 level course, students must complete 18 of the 36 credit hours required for the major including Law and Society 1000. In exceptional circumstances, the Co-ordinator may waive this prerequisite.

Elective Courses Approved for Inclusion in the Law and Society Major and Minor Programs Table

1000 and 2000 Level Courses

3000 Level Courses

4000 Level Courses

  • German 3915
  • History 3200
  • Law and Society 3012
  • Law and Society 3013
  • Law and Society 3014
  • Law and Society 3015
  • Law and Society 3016
  • Law and Society 3200
  • Law and Society 3300
  • Law and Society 3400
  • Linguistics 3220
  • Philosophy 3400
  • Police Studies 3000
  • Political Science 3210
  • Political Science 3290
  • Political Science 3620
  • Political Science 3800
  • Political Science 3810
  • Political Science 3820
  • Political Science 3830
  • Sociology 3130
  • Sociology 3290
  • Sociology 3306
  • Sociology 3320
  • Sociology 3395
  • Business 4000
  • History 4810
  • Law and Society 4900
  • Law and Society 4901-4909
  • Political Science 4200
  • Political Science 4215
  • Political Science 4360
  • Political Science 4370
  • Sociology 4095
  • Sociology 4099
  • Sociology 4212
9.20.2 Minor Program Regulations

A Minor program in Law and Society will consist of a minimum of 24 credit hours as outlined below:

  1. Law and Society 1000 and Law and Society 4000

  2. 18 credit hours chosen from the Elective Courses Approved for Inclusion in the Law and Society Major and Minor Programs Table, with a maximum of 6 credit hours in courses from each participating department. At least 12 of the 18 credit hours must be completed in courses numbered 3000 or higher. The normal departmental prerequisites are applicable, but Department Heads may waive course prerequisites in cases where alternate preparation can be demonstrated.

    Up to 6 credit hours in Special Topics courses in Law and Society may be used to fulfil the 6 of the 18 credit hour requirement of this clause.

  3. Students majoring in one of the participating disciplines may not use courses counted toward their major to fulfil the Law and Society minor requirements; however, up to 6 additional credit hours from their major subject area, listed above, may be used to fulfil the requirements of the minor.