Office of the Registrar
School of Music (2011/2012)
4 Registration in Music Courses (Non-Music Students)

The following Music courses are available to students who have not been admitted to a program in the School of Music, and are appropriate for students with little or no musical background:

Music 1116, Music 1120, Music 2011, Music 2012, Music 2013, Music 2014

The following ensemble courses are available to non-music students with appropriate background, subject to the approval of the instructor:

Music 2611, Music 2614. Non-Music students may also audition to participate in the following ensemble courses: Music 2612, Music 2613, Music 2615, Music 2616, Music 2617, Music 2619, Music 263A/B, Music 265A/B. Contact the School of Music office for further information. In addition, most courses in music history and music theory (courses numbers with second digit “0" or “1") are available to non-music Majors who have fulfilled the prerequisites.