Office of the Registrar
General Information (2011/2012)
6.17 Registrar, Office of the

  • University Registrar
  • Collins, G.W., B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. Memorial
  • Deputy Registrar
  • Singleton, S.M., B.Sc. Memorial, M.Sc. Queen's
  • Assistant Registrar/Systems Manager
  • Baggs, R., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Boone, T., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Bruce, R., B.Ed.(Primary), B.Sp.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Burry, J., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Byrne, I.J., B.A. North Carolina, M.A. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Hillman, M.E., B.A.(Hons.) Memorial, M.A. Toronto
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Honeygold, M., B.A., B.Comm., M.Ed. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar/Graduation Manager
  • McCann, P., B.A., B.Ed. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar/Admissions Manager
  • Murray, M., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar/Enrolment Services Manager
  • Porter, J.M., B.Comm.(Co-op)(Hons.) Memorial, M.B.A. York
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Puxley, M.J., B.A. Memorial
  • Manager, Administration and Finance
  • Thorne, L., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Walsh, L., B.A., B.Ed.(Secondary) Memorial

The Office of the Registrar provides academic support services and systems to prospective and current students - from initial contact, to application, academic advising, registration, and graduation - and strives to implement continuous improvements to these services and systems. Together with offices at Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute, the Office of the Registrar serves the University community, including those involved in distance learning.

The Office of the Registrar’s current mission and vision is to: Encourage and facilitate the transition from potential applicant to registered student to graduate. Develop and implement strategies designed to enhance student success. Serve as a catalyst in formulating and implementing academic regulations, policies and procedures; provide accurate and timely information and advice about these to the academic community and the general public. Provide innovative and technologically advanced information systems to facilitate the most effective and efficient delivery of services. Respond to change and commit to improving the quality of our services within the context of the themes outlined in the University's Strategic Framework. In carrying out this mission, the Office strives to be sensitive to the needs of students, faculty, staff, co-workers, and the general public, and to treat each individual with fairness, respect and understanding. Responsibility for the Secretariat for Senate and for several major Senate and Faculty Committees also rests with this Office.

6.17.1 Academic Advising Centre

  • Manager
  • Green, J., B.A., M.Ed. Memorial
  • Senior Faculty Advisor (Science)
  • Batten, D.L., B.Sc.(Hons.) Memorial, M.Sc. Queen's
  • Senior Faculty Advisor (Arts)
  • Bishop-Stirling, T., B.A. Memorial, M.A. Queen's
  • Academic Advisor/Co-ordinator, University Liaison
  • Donovan, M., B.Sc.(Hons.) Memorial, LL.B. Osgoode Hall
  • Academic Advisor/Co-ordinator, University Liaison
  • Knight, K., B.Comm. Memorial
  • Academic Advisor/Co-ordinator, University Liaison
  • O'Neill, R., B.A., B.Ed. Memorial

The Academic Advising Centre (AAC) assists students who are at various stages of their academic careers. Whether students are undecided about which program of study they wish to pursue, uncertain of their academic goals, seek assistance with their course curriculum, are thinking about exploring new academic opportunities, or face potential academic prejudice, the AAC furnishes them with sound, accurate academic advice.