Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2009/2010)
11.2 The Curriculum
  1. The B.B.A. program requires a total of 120 credit hours.

  2. By the end of the Spring semester of their first year, Terms A/B students must have successfully completed the following 30 credit hours:

    1. Six credit hours in English courses - It is strongly recommended that students complete English 1110 as one of these English courses.

    2. Mathematics 1000;

    3. Economics 2010 and 2020;

    4. BUSI 1000;

    5. Twelve additional credit hours in non-BUSI courses, at least 9 credit hours of which must be in courses chosen from the Faculties of Arts and/or Science and/or the School of Music.

  3. In addition to the Terms A/B requirements, the curriculum shall consist of the successful completion of:

    1. Sixty credit hours consisting of: Computer Science 2801, Statistics 2500, Economics 3150, BUSI courses 1101, 1210, 1600, 2000, 2101, 2210, 2301, 2401, 3320, 3401, 3700, 4000, 4320, 4401, 4500, 5301, and 7000.

    2. Students are encouraged to note the prerequisites for 7000 (Organizational Strategy) and to plan their courses so that they have completed the prerequisites prior to the semester in which they plan to take 7000.

    3. Thirty other credit hours, of which not more that 21 credit hours may be in BUSI courses. Any such BUSI courses must be chosen from the BUSI courses listed in Table 5 Business Electives.

  4. For graduation, a student must be enrolled in the B.B.A. program, and have obtained a minimum average of 60% on the program courses.