Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2009/2010)
10.2 Curriculum
  1. A candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce shall successfully complete a minimum of 60 credit hours in addition to the 60 credit hours required for the Diploma in Business Administration. The 60 credit hours shall comprise:

    1. The remaining four courses from the following list which were not completed for the Diploma in Business Administration: BUSI 2000, 2101, 2210, 3320, 3401, 3700, 4320, and 4401;

    2. BUSI 5301, BUSI 7000*, and Economics 3150;

    3. Thirty credit hours in BUSI electives which must be chosen from Table 5 Business Electives.

    4. Nine credit hours in non-Business electives, at least 6 credit hours of which must be chosen from courses in the faculties of Arts and/or Science and/or the School of Music.

    *Students are encouraged to note the prerequisites for BUSI 7000 (Organizational Strategy) and to plan their courses so that they have completed the prerequisites prior to the semester in which they plan to take BUS 7000.

    An overall average of at least 60% must be achieved in the twenty courses listed above. A student failing to meet this requirement will be required to repeat a course(s) to raise the overall average to the minimum acceptable level.

  2. All candidates, as an academic requirement of the degree, must successfully complete an approved research paper or a comprehensive case analysis with report (BUSI 750W). This requirement is in addition to the comprehensive case analysis report (BUSI 450W) required for the Diploma in Business Administration.

  3. The requirements for a specific course(s) may be waived by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies for students who apply for exemption from the course(s) in question. However, such exemptions may not be used to reduce the number of credit hours required for the Degree.