Office of the Registrar
School of Nursing (2008/2009)
4.3 Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN) Program
  1. The 108 credit hour Bachelor of Nursing (Post RN) program requires 42 credit hours in NURS, 21 non-NURS credit hours, and 45 unspecified transfer NURS credit hours awarded on the basis of successful completion of a diploma program in Nursing.

  2. The Committee on Undergraduate Studies, School of Nursing, may recommend that a maximum of 6 transfer credits be awarded for certain post basic nursing courses/programs or for current Canadian Nurses Association certification.

  3. Students are required to have a current, practising licence in the jurisdiction in which they plan to complete courses with a clinical component.

    Table 5 Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN) Program

    Required Courses

    Elective Courses

    12 credit hours of which 6 should be at the 2000 level or above