Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2008/2009)
7.4 Programs of Study
  1. The EMBA (Petroleum) program is a cohort-driven and structured so that students complete a 17 course, 54 credit-hour program of study. It should be noted that the OGS 6099 Project is a six credit-hour course that is offered over the third and fourth semesters. The program will normally be delivered over four academic terms, and the contact time per course will be 30 hours, recognizing the experience of the candidates and the extended time between classes which will allow the assignment of more course-related work to be completed outside of the classroom environment. In some instances the program may be offered over a shorter duration. The 17 course, 54 credit-hour program structure is outlined in Table I - Master of Business Administration (Executive Option in Petroleum) Program of Study.

    Table I - Master of Business Administration (Executive Option In Petroleum) Program of Study
    • Term 1
    • OGS 6601 Petroleum Exploration Appraisal and Development
    • OGS 6812 International Legal Arrangements
    • 8103 Statistical Applications in Management
    • 8106 Marketing
    • 8109 Accounting for Management
    • Term 2
    • OGS 6811 Economics of Petroleum Exploration and Development
    • OGS 6003 Risk Analysis in the Oil and Gas Industry
    • 8104 Organizations: Behaviour and Structure
    • 8206 Managerial Finance
    • Term 3
    • 8205 Information Systems
    • 8207 Operations Management
    • OGS 6401 Petroleum Production, Processing and Transportation
    • OGS 6411 Facilities, Feedstock and Products
    • Term 4
    • OGS 6801 Social and Economics Dimensions of Policy and Planning
    • 8204 Human Resource Management
    • OGS 6201 Strategic Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

    OGS 6099 Project