Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2008/2009)
16 Regulations Governing the Degree of Master of Oil and Gas Studies

Professor and Academic Director

A. Faseruk

The Master of Oil and Gas Studies (M.O.G.S.) is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary academic program that provides a broad and fundamental knowledge of the entire oil and gas industry value chain.

The M.O.G.S. program is offered by full-time study and involves 31 credit hours of coursework, including a seminar course and an integrative case study. Candidates registered on a full-time basis will normally complete the program in one academic year.

The following regulations must be read in conjunction with the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

16.1 Administration
  1. The program shall be administered by an Academic Director, who shall be appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies following discussion with the Executive Director of the Oil and Gas Development Partnership (OGDP).

  2. The Academic Director shall be the Chair of a Board of Studies for M.O.G.S. for the purposes of administering the program. The Board of Studies will consist of one member from each of the Faculties of Arts, Business Administration, Engineering and Applied Science, and Science, and the Executive Director of the OGDP (ex officio). Appointments of the members of the Board of Studies will be by the Dean of Graduate Studies following discussion with the Executive Director OGDP. Normally all appointments will be for a period of three (3) years.

  3. A M.O.G.S. Advisory Board, composed of a broad cross-section of members from both industry and Memorial University of Newfoundland, shall be appointed. This Advisory Board will consult with industry and provide feedback on the contents, instruction and future direction of the M.O.G.S. program. The Academic Director and the Executive Director OGDP will be ex officio members of the Advisory Board, and will recommend the appointment of the Advisory Board members to the Dean of Graduate Studies, who will also be an ex officio member of the Advisory Board.