Office of the Registrar
School of Social Work (2007/2008)
5.3 Other Information
  1. A student will not be eligible for consideration for admission or readmission to the School if he/she has been required to withdraw for any of the following reasons:

    • received a numeric grade of less than 65% in more than two SCWK courses in the entire program, or having received a numeric grade of less than 65% in a SCWK course twice;

    • received a letter grade of FAL (fail) in more than one internship; or

    • the student's behaviour has breached the current Code of Ethics of the Canadian Association of Social Workers in a manner for which the School considers that withdrawal from the program is warranted.

  2. A student who has been denied promotion and has had to withdraw from the School but is eligible for consideration of readmission to the School

    • must withdraw from the School for two academic terms before reapplying; and

    • will be permitted only one readmission to the School.