Office of the Registrar
School of Social Work (2007/2008)
4 Program Regulations for the Bachelor of Social Work
4.1 General Information
  1. The Bachelor of Social Work program requires 150 credit hours, which include required and elective courses, as outlined in Table 3 Bachelor of Social Work. The program includes two internships and a residency period.

    • The program courses shall normally be taken in the academic terms in the sequence and course load as set out in Table 3 Bachelor of Social Work.

    • Students wishing to change the sequence and/or reduce the course load in a term must receive the written approval from the Director of the School.

    • No student beyond Year 3 of the program will be permitted to use as a Table 2 elective any course completed after Year 3 that is numbered below 3000 except with the written consent of the Director.

    • Students must complete the application for Social Work internship placement three months prior to the semester in which the internship begins.