Office of the Registrar
School of Pharmacy (2007/2008)
3 Admission Regulations for the School of Pharmacy

In addition to meeting UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS students applying for admission for the program must meet the admission regulations of the School.

3.1 General Information
  1. Admissions will normally be to the first year of pharmacy studies. In some circumstances, however, admission with advanced standing may be offered.

  2. Entry to the School is competitive for a limited number of placements. Priority is given to applicants who are bona fide residents of this province and who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The final decision on admission rests with the Admissions Committee of the School.

  3. The Admissions Committee considers each applicant's academic background and information on the applicant's personal characteristics and achievements as given by the applicant and by referees' reports. Personal interviews, which may include both a written and oral component, may be required.