Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2007/2008)
15.6 Continuation
  1. The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business Administration constitutes the examining body for all examinations in Business courses. In addition, the standing of every student will be assessed by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies in accordance with the continuation requirements outlined in 2. and 3. below.

  2. Following entry to the program, iBBA students must qualify for continuation after each term of study. For continuation, students must have an overall average of 65% over their last ten courses taken. In the event that a student has more courses than needed in the earliest term used, the courses with the highest grades in that term will be used.

    Students who fail to achieve these standards will be required to withdraw from the program. They may be considered for readmission after a lapse of two semesters. In order to be considered for readmission, students must formally apply for readmission.

    A required withdrawal for failure to meet continuation requirements in the iBBA program will be reflected on a student’s transcript.

  3. Students who are required to withdraw from the program a second time are not eligible for readmission into their program.

  4. The Committee on Undergraduate Studies of the Faculty of Business Administration may allow a student to continue who fails to achieve the standards outlined in 2. above. A decision of this nature will be made only for reasons acceptable to the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.