Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Business Administration (2007/2008)
12 Commerce Concentrations

A student may choose to follow a general degree program, or to concentrate in one of the areas outlined below. In either case, students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in Business electives. A concentration provides the student with the opportunity of broadening knowledge and understanding of one of the following areas. Particular attention should be paid to necessary prerequisites when scheduling courses.

12.1 Accounting

Students electing an Accounting concentration should complete the following courses:

  1. Business 3101, Business 5160, Business 6100, and Business 6110

  2. and any five of the following: Business 5000, Business 5500, Business 6120, Business 6130, Business 7110, Business 7120, Business 7150, or Business 7160 . Those students intending to pursue the C.A., C.M.A., or C.G.A. designations should consult the appropriate body to determine those courses which would be most beneficial to them.