Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2007/2008)
6.28 Women's Studies

Program Co-ordinator: J. Guthrie, Department of English

The Minor in Women's Studies is a multi-disciplinary program offered to candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative), Bachelor of Business Administration, and the physical education and recreation degrees offered by the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation. The Minor program is an alternative to a Minor offered by a single department and satisfies the degree requirement for a Minor.

The objective of the program is to explore the experience and contributions of women from the perspective of different academic disciplines and to compare the situation of women in society with that of men. Assumptions about women and gender differences and the social implications of these assumptions will be explored. While consideration will be given to socially relevant issues, attention will also be paid to the implications for academic disciplines of the research on women and their contribution to society.

6.28.1 Regulations

Students who minor in Women's Studies shall complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in courses which shall include the following:

  1. Women's Studies 2000, Women's Studies 3000, and Women's Studies 4000

  2. A minimum of 15 credit hours in courses from the Elective Course List outlined below, taken in at least three different subject areas. One of these courses may be a selected topics or directed readings course in any Arts subject relevant to the minor program.

  3. A selected topics course or directed readings course included in a student's minor program must be approved in advance by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Program Co-ordinator.

  4. Not more than 3 credit hours in courses in the student's Major Program may also be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor in Women's Studies.

6.28.2 Course List
  • Core Courses
  • Women's Studies 2000
  • Women's Studies 3000
  • Women's Studies 4000
  • Elective Courses
  • Anthropology 3305
  • Anthropology 4081
  • Education 3565**
  • English 2700
  • English 3817
  • English 3830
  • Folklore 3950
  • German 4802*
  • History 2760
  • History 3760
  • History 3770
  • History 3780
  • History 3813
  • History 3821*
  • Law and Society 3015
  • Law and Society 3200
  • Linguistics 3212
  • Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR) 3490
  • Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR) 3595
  • Philosophy 2805
  • Political Science 3140*
  • Political Science 3340*
  • Psychology 2540
  • Psychology 3533
  • Religious Studies 2800
  • Religious Studies 2801
  • Social Work 5522
  • Sociology 4210
  • Sociology 4230
  • Sociology/Anthropology 3314
  • Sociology/Anthropology 4092
  • Women's Studies 2001*
  • Women's Studies 3001/Medieval Studies 3006/English 3006*
  • Women's Studies 3002-3020 (excluding 3004, 3009)
  • Women's Studies/Russian Studies 3004
  • Women's Studies 3100
  • Women's Studies/Sociology 4107*


  1. Normal prerequisites and waiver policies in the respective departments will apply.

  2. **Education 3565 may be applied to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree only in the case of students who complete the Women's Studies Minor Program.

  3. Courses marked with * are not offered on a regular basis. Consult the appropriate department for scheduling information.

In accordance with Senate's Policy Regarding Inactive Courses, the course descriptions for courses which have not been offered in the previous three academic years and which are not scheduled to be offered in the current academic year have been removed from the following listing. For information about any of these inactive courses, please contact the Head of the Department.


An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Women's Studies

is an interdisciplinary introduction to the major concepts, issues and debates of Women's Studies.


Women and Science

- inactive course.


Feminist Research Methods

is an introduction to feminist methodologies and approaches to the formal construction of knowledge, framing of research questions, and gathering of data. The course provides an interdisciplinary survey of major research methods used by feminist scholars.


Women Writers in the Middle Ages

(same as Medieval Studies 3006 and English 3006*) will study selections from the considerable corpus of women's writings in the Medieval period, as well as issues which affected women's writing. All selections will be read in English translation.


Credit may not be obtained for more than one of Women's Studies 3001, Medieval Studies 3006, and the former Medieval Studies 3351.

3002-3020 (Excluding 3004 and 3009)

Special Topics in Women's Studies

will have topics to be studied announced by the Department.


Women and Health

uses an interdisciplinary perspective and will explore selected issues relating to women and their health. The material covered will help students acquire a better appreciation and understanding of some of the determinants of women's health, gender bias in health care and research, the portrayal of women's health in the popular press, and women as patients. A primary emphasis of the course will be to teach students the skills to carry out gender-based analyses of the health literature and health organizations.

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Women's Studies 2000.


Seminar in Women's Studies

is an interdisciplinary seminar designed to focus on women's issues, and on theories and methodologies of women's studies.

Three hour seminar per week.

Prerequisites: Students must normally have completed Women's Studies 2000 and 15 credit hours in other Women's Studies Program courses before taking Women's Studies 4000. In exceptional cases, students without these prerequisites may be accepted into the course, with the approval of the instructor of Women's Studies 4000 and the Program Co-ordinator.


Women and Technological Change

- inactive course.