Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2006/2007)
10.14 Forestry


Forestry Field Camp I

- inactive course.

1010 and 1011

Introduction to Forestry

will introduce the many aspects of the professional practice of forestry including the multi-dimensionality of forest values and forest management as a design challenge. A problem based approach to learning is used to create learning objectives for the remainder of the program; to begin development of quantitative and qualitative skills; to instill the habit of inquiry and to begin development of understanding of social/ethical issues in forestry.

Forestry 1010 is a prerequisite to Forestry 1011.

Lectures: Three hours per week.

Laboratory: Three hours per week.


Developing Proficiency in Communications

is the improvement of the communication competency of beginning forestry students. The course will focus on both the written and oral, with emphasis on the former. Forestry 1900 will be linked with the content of Forestry 1010 and 1011.

Lectures: Four hours per week.


Credit may not be obtained for both Forestry 1900 and Business 2000.


Forestry Field Camp II

- inactive course.


Physiological Ecology of Forest Vegetation

- inactive course.


Forest Climatology

- inactive course.


Forest Dynamics and Management

- inactive course.


Forest Management Concepts, Human Intervention and the Forest Community

- inactive course.


Forest Soils

- inactive course.