Office of the Registrar
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (2006/2007)
4.2 Core Program Requirements
  1. Literacy Requirement

    Thirty credit hours in Writing courses which must include 6 credit hours in first-year English. Up to 6 credit hours in languages other than English may be used to satisfy the literacy requirement. Courses in this group are identified with the designation W and are listed in the table, Designated Writing Courses (W).

    Courses in this category must either be completed through on-campus offerings at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College or be demonstrated to be equivalent to Grenfell writing courses.

  2. Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Requirement

    Six credit hours in Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis courses. Courses in this group are identified with the designation QRA and are listed in the table, Designated Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Courses (QRA).

  3. Breadth of Knowledge Requirement

    Six credit hours from each of the three groups identified below for a total of 18 credit hours. The courses chosen can be any courses within the disciplines identified. However, students are not permitted to use these courses to meet the Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis requirement nor the first-year English requirements.

    • Group A: Art History, Classics, English, History, HKR, Humanities, Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theatre, Visual Arts
    • Group B: Anthropology, Business, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Tourism Studies, Women's Studies
    • Group C: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Science