Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Science (2006/2007)
5.11 Science


Introduction to Science I

is a liberal science course for Arts students, which reflects the way scientists think and work through historical, philosophical and social considerations of the environment we live in. Typical course content includes: the concepts of matter, motion and energy; the chemical basis for life and the interdependence of organisms; and the abundance and distribution of the Earth's natural resources.

Three lectures a week.

No laboratory.


Introduction to Science II

is continuation of the Science 1000.

Prerequisite: Science 1000.


Science 1000/1001 may not be used to fulfill any of the Science course requirements for the Honours and General Degrees in Science.

1150 and 1151

Introduction to Phyiscal and Life Sciences

(formerly Science 115A/B) (1150 (F) and 1151 (W)) is an introduction to some concepts in the Physical and Life Sciences. These courses areprimarily intended for the non-science major (B.A.; B.Ed. (Primary/ Elementary)).


Science 1150 and 1151 are not acceptable as prerequisites for 2000 level courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or Earth Sciences. Credit may not be obtained for both Science 115A and Science 1150 or for Science 115B and Science 1151.


Exchange Programs in Science

will be available only to students attending Memorial University of Newfoundland as part of a formal exchange agreement, memorandum of understanding, or other special arrangement. Admission is by permission of the Dean of Science. Credit hours: 3 - 15, to be determined for each offering by the Dean in consultation with the appropriate Head of Department or Coordinator. This course may be repeated for credit once. This course will normally be offered twice a year, from March to August and September to February.