Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Science (2006/2007)
2 Degree Regulations
2.1 Admission to the Department of Subject of Major

Admission to certain major programs within the Faculty is limited and competitive.

Admission to all major programs within the Faculty is upon formal application to the department of the subject of major after completion of the admission requirements.

Unless otherwise indicated by the Departmental Admission Regulations as published in the University Calendar under departmental regulations, students upon formal application by Change of Academic Program Form, are normally admitted to the department of major program upon successful completion of 30 credit hours which must include:

  1. Six credit hours in English courses

  2. Six credit hours in Mathematics courses

  3. Six credit hours in courses from each of two Sciences other than Mathematics

Students seeking admission to departments with Departmental Admission Regulations as indicated above must apply for admission on the appropriate Departmental Application for Admission Form upon completion of the specified admission requirements.