Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Medicine (2006/2007)
8.2 Evaluation
  1. Subject to the approval of Senate, the overall policy of evaluation and the planning of the programs of studies leading to the MD degree are the responsibility of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies for the Faculty of Medicine, which is a standing committee of the Council of the Faculty of Medicine. Responsibility for scheduling and coordinating courses rests with an appointed Chair of the Pre-Clerkship or Clerkship Committee in collaboration with the chairpersons of courses/subjects taught in a year or section of the curriculum.

  2. Each student is expected to complete the work of the class as described in the current regulations of the Faculty of Medicine for each year of the program and to pass the prescribed academic and professional examination. In this context, the professional evaluation will cover, not only the skills expected of a student, but personal conduct and relationships with peers, patients, hospital personnel, faculty members and staff.

  3. For Pre-Clerkship courses/subjects and Medicine 7280, evaluation of an individual student's performance is conducted by the course/subject chair or instructor(s). The overall results of the course/subject evaluations are expressed on a four point internal scale as outstanding, pass, borderline or fail. For Clerkship, overall evaluations of discipline rotations/selectives and electives are the responsibility of the respective discipline or electives coordinator. There is an internal five point scale of outstanding, above average, average, below average and fail.

    1. The Chair of the Pre-Clerkship or Clerkship and/or the Chair of the appropriate course/subject committee is responsible for ensuring that each student is informed of the results of each evaluation. The chair of the course/subject committee will notify the student and Pre-Clerkship or Clerkship Chair, in writing, of any concerns that have arisen about performance.

    2. It is the responsibility of the student to consult immediately with the Chair of the Pre-Clerkship or Clerkship Committee and/or the Chairperson of the course/subject committee regarding any course/subject in which concerns about performance have been expressed. Within one week of receiving notification of the grade for a course/subject, a student may submit a written request to the Chair of the Pre-Clerkship or Clerkship Committee for reconsideration of the grade awarded or for a reread of an exam/paper.

    3. The student is responsible for notifying the Chair of the Pre-Clerkship or Clerkship Committee immediately of any new circumstances or of any pre-existing circumstances that have not previously been reported which could affect his or her individual performance in the work of the class.