Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2006/2007)
23.3 Program of Study and Research
  1. A candidate's program will be developed cooperatively by the candidate and a faculty advisor designated for this purpose by the Director of the School. The faculty advisor shall counsel the candidate on course selection.

  2. Specified supplementary studies may be required to ensure requisite knowledge pertinent to the specialization.

  3. A candidate electing a thesis program shall be assigned a supervisor by the Director in consultation with the student. It is recommended that a thesis supervisor be assigned as early in the program as possible. The thesis supervisor, when assigned, shall normally assume the duties of faculty advisor under 1. above.

  4. Candidates admitted to the MSW Program in Advanced Clinical Practice thesis route must complete a thesis and a minimum of 21 credit hours consisting of 6011, 6312, 6322, 6332, 6412, 6422 and 6912 (Internship). In addition to these courses, non-thesis candidates must also complete 6432, 6442 and a 3 credit hour graduate elective in social work or a related discipline as requested by the candidate and approved by the graduate advisor. Candidates in either route may be required to take additional courses.